Open For Delivery

In 2020, restaurants everywhere were closed, but their kitchens were still open for delivery. DoorDash had to call attention to this in order to keep restuanrts and millions of jobs alive.

With just one tweet, we started a chain reaction of restaurants telling their followers to order delivery from other restaurants, even their biggest rivals. Over 125,000 posts were tagged with #OpenForDelivery. The campaign achieved 1.2B earned impressions across PR and social media, with help from thousands of restaurants and celebrities like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Mark Cuban and Demi Lovato, in addition to support from several politicians and the New York Stock Exchange’s official twitter handle.

The week OpenForDelivery launched, DoorDash had its biggest sales week ever. More importantly, #OpenForDelivery saved restaurants and even more jobs.

Awards: Ad Age A-List Best ROI: Work That Works, One Show Shortlist 🏆

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